Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Term 3

Hi there and welcome back for Term 3. We have hit the ground running here in Room 8 with lots going on and a busy term ahead. This term we will be exploring and learning about The Olympics as they are set to kick off in Brazil next week. And later in the term we will be looking at our Solar System.So keep an eye out here on our blog and in our classroom for what we have been up to.
In the meantime, Room 8 has been asked to play the music for our Waterview Primary School choir concert. This concert is taking place on Monday 1 August at 2pm in the hall. The students of Room 8 have been working really hard at learning their musical parts and I'm sure they would love you to come along and hear their musical talents.

Room 8 concentrating hard as they practice for the upcoming concert.

A collaborative piece of art we did at the end of term 2. Each student in the class did one section of the painting. I think it came together rather well. Good job Room 8.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Pasifika Experience

On Thursday 9th of June Room 8 and the other Team 3 students had the privilege of going along to the Corbins Art Centre to try our hand at some Pasifika art with the guidance of the Pasifika Mumma's. We had a fantastic day learning about the Pasifika cultures, weaving and dance. Thank you so much to those parents who were able to come along and support our students. I'm sure they had some stories to tell too.

Mrs. Bayliss helping the student's weave headbands.

 Some of the team 3 student's with their finished weaves.

 Practicing and performing our newly acquired dance moves.

 The very lovely Pasifika Mumma's. Thank you.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Art Rotation

Our topic for Term 2 is Art. As a part of this, Team 3 decided to have an art rotation where the students from each class chose which rotation they would like to be a part of. The rotation runs for the whole term and students will get an opportunity to trial 3 different art styles throughout the term. The rotation also gives the students an opportunity to interact with different students from the Team 3 syndicate.
Over the past 3 weeks our group has been doing print making and here is a picture of the printed collages we made. The students did a fantastic job and had some really great looking pieces of art to share today. Check out Room 9 and Room 11's blog's for more of what they got up to.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Buddy Reading

During Term 2, Room 8 has the opportunity to go and do some buddy reading with the children from Waterview Kindergarten. The students seem to love this just as much as the kindergarten children and it is great to see some relationships developing with our future Waterview Primary students.

'They especially love the free play time at the end of the session.'

Term 1 overview

Welcome back to the Room 8 blog. Sorry we were a little slack in Term 1 but we will try and make up for it in during Term 2. Here is a little update about how we finished off our first term together. Please keep checking back to see what excitement we get up to this term.

'We ended the term with a week of swimming at the Duck n' Dive pools. It was great to see the students confidence grow in the water as the week went on. Thank you to those parents who were able to come along and support us.' 

As part of our topic for term 1, the students presented their homework projects about healthy lifestyles. We saw some wonderful displays of work and had the opportunity to share with the other classes in Team 3 and show our work. 

'Well done to all of Team 3 for their hard work making their displays.'

Monday, 7 March 2016

Room 8's art so far

Check out our passports and warm hands we made!
The passports tell us a little bit of information about who the students in Room 8 are and what we like.
The warm hands create a awesome picture of our helping hands.